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On The Beach

Florida is blessed to have early morning sunrises, colourful evening sunsets, and year round beach going weather. 

Things to Do Around Florida

Sunshine State

On Florida's List

From the sandy white beaches in the Panhandle, to the pristine, turquoise colored waters throughout the Florida Keys and everything in between, there’s a reason why Florida has the best beaches in the world.


Experience the wonder and excitement of Florida’s theme parks, resorts, and waterparks in Orlando and Tampa.


All types of lodging ranging from budget-conscious to family-friendly, luxury oceanfront views, and everything in between.


Come visit and relax by the best beaches in Florida and see why the world vacations in the sunshine state year-round.

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Why Florida?

Over 130 million tourists visited the, “We Live, Where You Vacation”, state of Florida in 2019 and will continue to grow in 2023.

Explore Wildlife

Fishing capital of the world, the Everglades, miles of pristine coastline, tranquil settings, and more.

Beautiful Weather

Florida is the Sunshine State with 2800 hours of sunlight over the year and an average temperature of 71 degrees.

Affordable Vacation

Your Florida vacation doesn't have to break the bank with popular destinations without the hefty price tag.

Florida Tourists

130 Million Tourists Visited Florida in 2019

“The most beautiful beaches in the continent.”
Elena Henshaw
“Highly recommend taking a vacation in Florida, it's a diverse state with nature, nightlife, and culture wrapped in one .”
Jason Daniels
“They were awesome I loved going there with my son the water was nice so sunny and beautiful.”
Simon Brancato
“I love Orlando. Great time when visiting Disney World and Epcot Center. Would recommend visiting in September or October.”
Ben Storey