Theme Park Rides to Try in Florida – What’s Your Favorite?

It’s surprising how one can be dropped to near death and still feels euphoric at the end of the ride. All thanks to the advanced technology, we are never in any real danger in these rides.

 Florida has got some of the best bloodcurdling rides for the adventure lovers. Here are the chosen three rides you should definitely add in your “things to do in Florida” list.

Doctor Dooms Fear fall ride


If you are not familiar with the Evil character of Doctor Doom from the Fantastic four series, this ride will expertly introduce you to the menace. Once the belts of the ride are strapped into place and the count hits zero, you are thrown 185 feet against the gravity, with more thrust than what a 747 jet engine uses. As fast as you have been thrown upwards, you will be dropped down even faster, defying gravity. Thankfully, the ride ends before the riders burst their lungs from all that screaming. Once on the ground, you will be grinning from ear to ear, making your friends believe you were not afraid even for a second.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Hollywood Tower, Housing The Twilight Zone Ride

Hollywood Tower - Orlando, FL

The ride is housed in the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel. The sight of the iron-wrought gates and overgrown weeds at the entrance of the tower, builds up the tension even before the ride comes into view. The ride is an elevator that takes you all the way up and begins with a video after you mount the elevator, telling the story of 5 unfortunate disappearances that occurred in the tower. You are than asked to say goodbye to the real world, and you obey happily, being oblivion to the horror you are about to encounter.

Suddenly everything goes dark; only the tiny bulbs over your head are flickering now, cue for your elevator to rise. And what a rise it is! You are thrust upwards with lightening speed in this blinding darkness and glass shattering shrieks from the fellow riders, I said fellow riders, not you of course.

Different props from the original Twilight zone series make their appearance in the screen in front of you, including a toy telephone, a pair of broken spectacles, an electronic razor and an antique radio.

Your lift stops at some 13th floor, and then descends unexpectedly with the same acceleration, fooling you into thinking that you are going down finally. But alas, this is not the end. The descent is cut short in between and your lift is again thrown upwards, clenching your intestines into a fist.

The elevator continues to hover up and down unexpectedly, and then finally decides to lower you down to the ground. This ride is going to be the longest 2 minutes of your life, rising and dropping you at terrifying speed. Ride it only if you dare!

Revenge of the Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy

The Mummy Ride in Orlando, FL

The curse of the Mummy comes live in this roller coaster ride. Once inside the ride, you are plunged into darkness, with only beetles, huge fireballs and a whole army of blood thirsty mummies as your companions. Special light effects, scary howls and screams combined with some of your own, and accelerated speed of the roller coaster; shoot up your adrenaline levels teaching you a lesson to wake up the sleeping mummies.