Florida Weather

Florida, also known as the land of flowers is a state in the US located in the southernmost region. It is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the Panhandle / west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast.

Having the longest coastline in the US, it is a popular spot for living, visiting, and vacationing. It has thousands of miles of beautiful Florida beaches where hundreds of thousands of people come and enjoy each year.

Miami, Florida is famous for its notable art scene, nightlife, upscale Miami Beach, and the Latin-American influences it has. Orlando, on the other hand, is popular for its theme parks, which includes Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

The Climate of Florida

As mentioned before, no part of the state is distant from the ocean. Therefore, the climate of Florida is somewhat tempered. The climate is humid and subtropical if you move towards north of the Okeechobee Lake.

On the other hand, you will find a true tropical climate if you move towards the south of the lake. The mean high temperatures in late July range from 32-34OC while the mean low temperatures range from 4-7 OC in mid January in the areas of north Florida, while they remain around 16 OC when you move from Miami towards the south of the state. The average daily temperature in Florida is around 21.5 OC, making it the warmest of all US states. 

During the months of summer, the temperatures usually do not exceed 38OC. On the other hand, the maximum cold temperature recorded has been -12 to -7 OC. Such freezing temperatures do not remain consistent the entire length of the day, but just for a part of the day only. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Florida was in 1931 when it rose to 43OC. The coldest temperature ever recorded was in 1899 at -19 OC.

Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State but often experiences severe weather. Central Florida is known as the lightning capital of the country. The state also has the highest average precipitation level in the country.

Hurricane Season in Florida

Florida has been struck by 114 hurricanes from 1851 to 2006. 37 of them were major in the Category 3 and above storm. Some of the worst hurricanes that have hit the state include Hurricane Wilma, which was the third most expensive hurricane to hit Florida. Hurricane Hermine also struck Florida 11 years later and recently, Hurricane Irma hit the state which is the costliest hurricane in the history of Florida.