Neptune Memorial Reef — a Long Lost Underwater City in Florida

A couple of miles east of the coast of Miami, a remarkable underwater city is resting peacefully. Life sized lions are found guarding the ancient looking columns, which act as gateways to a lost city.

This site is located 40 feet below the sea surface and is shockingly complete with stone roads, soaring gateways and a crumble of ruins.

The people who visit this jaw-dropping location often think of it as Atlantis; however, they will be amazed to discover that this site was conjured as a memorial reef, and was recently built in the year 2007.

More shocking is the news that this spot named the “Neptune Memorial Reef,” is not a “city,” but is actually a cemetery. It was constructed by the cremation services of the Neptune Society.

It’s a widely known fact that anyone who wants their loved one buried in the Neptune Reef can hand over the cremated remains of the deceased to the organization. The ashes are mixed with cement or sand and are poured into shell or starfish shaped moulds. These moulds are then added to the memorial reef.    

Exploring Neptune Memorial’s Diving Site

This underwater site was inspired by the mythological City of Atlantis and was originally named the “Atlantis Memorial Reef”. The best part of this awesome sunken structure is that it also acts as an artificial reef for the underwater sports lovers. For some scuba divers, this is a wonderful underwater playground. Because this place was launched very recently, there are still many realistic touches that need to be added by Mother Nature. However, the constant supply of cremation ashes helps the growth of the reef. They act as active catalysts for this artificial monumental spot to develop.

As planned, the Neptune Reef will develop to cover more than 16 acres of land on an otherwise barren ocean ground. With only a few years of being active, there is immense hope that life here in this underwater memorial will continue to flourish.   

Despite having been uncovered only some years ago down the marine world, this location has grown massively. There is an enormous diversity of fishes inside, including delightful nibbles from sergeant majors. You will also be charmed by encounters with tarpons that swim about here and there. Since this place is protected but full of sea life, you could be lucky enough to witness lobsters that hide inside the holes of the sunken structures. There will also be a couple of eels to entertain divers along with a couple of stingrays and turtles that swim lazily all across the reef.

From a bird’s eye view, the Neptune Memorial Reef is a place renowned in Key Biscayne, Miami. It is successfully serving as an excellent site for tourist divers, underwater photographers and night explorers. Open to public and private boats, the Neptune Memorial Reef also pairs with numerous of Miami’s dive shops.