Exciting Things to Do At Cocoa Beach

Exciting Things to Do Near the Cocoa Beach Pier
When it comes to tourism in Florida, there are so many exciting things you can do in The Sunshine State. 

This state offers numerous breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and exceptional parks. It has everything to provide you with the best enjoyment and entertainment activities. 

There is no doubt it’s an all-in-one state of USA as far as tourism is concerned.

Florida offers numerous breathtaking views, pristine beaches, world-class theme parks, museums, and many more things to do!

It has everything to provide you with the best enjoyment and entertainment activities. 

There is no doubt it’s an all-in-one state of USA as far as tourism is concerned. 

Among its long list of beaches is Cocoa Beach; located on Florida’s Space Coast

This beach is a panorama of enchanting beauty. Surrounded by a white shore, tall and fresh palm trees, and cool widespread water, this beach in Florida is one of the main attractions for tourists worldwide. 

There are so many interesting and entertaining activities you can do at this beach.

Here are some of them:


Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing


This beach is the perfect opportunity for those who love surfing, even if they’re first-timers.

This is because this beach is renowned for its smooth and consistent waves, making it the perfect spot for surfing for kids as well.


Kayaking and Canoeing


Cocoa Beach is certainly the best kayaking and canoeing destination. You will have a great time kayaking while also experiencing marine life closely. Pelicans, kingfishers, frolicking dolphins, blue herons, immature ibis, and a short glimpse of manatee together constitute the beauty and natural scenes at this beach.


Fishing Activities


If you had been suppressing your fishing for a while, Cocoa Beach is the perfect place for you. This beach offers you exciting fishing activities, accompanied by professionals and experts to ensure your fun time is full of entertainment. This fishing experience will also guarantee you a clean and fresh boating where you may unwind in the fresh ocean air, along with world-class fishing.


Dine-in at Beach’s Pier


The pier of this beach is an enticing walkway, providing you fun along with amazing shopping and dining facilities. There are several restaurants such as Pelican’s Bar & Grill and Keith’s Oyster Bar serving scrumptious meals to Florida’s guests.

These restaurants are a must-visit in Cocoa Beach as these will not just serve your taste buds right but will also present a fascinating beach view.


Shopping At Pier


Cocoa beach is rich in providing its tourists with the best shopping facilities in town.

The Pier shop, Tropical Threads Boutique, and Trader Rick’s Marketplace is an excellent chance to appease your shopping desires.

Not just this, you may book a room in the nearest Cocoa Beach’s hotel, to relax after your tiring yet exciting day at the beach.

Collecting seashells is another interesting activity and nothing can surpass the fun of long walks on the beach here.

If you are planning vacations to escape your daily routine, make sure you visit Cocoa Beach as it is the best spot for both adults and kids.