Have you visited Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach?

Clematis Street is considered to be the historical heart of Downtown West Palm Beach. The area is known for its interesting and colorful restaurants, cafes, boutiques, antique shops, nightclubs, and historic landmarks that easily make Clematis Street stand out from the rest.

Things have grown significantly for the better in the past few decades since Clematis Street History Commercial District was listed in the West Palm Beach Register of Historic places in 1996.

Clematis Street is significant for its mainstay building which houses the library and is also well known for the waterfront park to the east end.

The area is also significant architecturally since it has some of the most interesting and distinguishable collections of the architecture of the 20th century that fuses elements of great craftsmanship and intricate detailing, which can easily be seen.

The truth is that Clematis Street is the historical heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, and for good reason. Starting at Flagler Drive on the Intracoastal Waterway, you can head down to Clematis Street to get a unique experience of this vibrant South Florida waterfront downtown!

Here you will find many things to keep you busy all year long. And that’s not all. The district also offers much to its visitors during winter as well, where you get to visit Farmer’s Market, amongst other attractions that only happen during the cooler months on Clematis Street.

A Great Dining Location

Clematis Street offers a unique mix of both local retailers and international brands which makes the menu even more interesting.

Here, you can expect to find French, Italian, Mexican, and Peruvian delicacies, not to mention some of the most delicious Oriental foods as well.

E.R Bradleys is one of the area’s long-time favorites when it comes to local cuisine.

The eating destination is perfect for everyone, including families, and has been serving residents of Clematis Street and tourists for years.

But, this is just one of the many family-friendly restaurants that are sprawled throughout the area’s spectacular waterfront.

Other eating destinations such as Rocco’s Tacos, Kabuki, and Lynora’s cater to a wide array of palates and moods, which makes it easier for South Florida foodies to enjoy their meals either in a laidback environment or with live music. Take your pick from these Clematis Street restaurants.

Vibrant Nightlife

Apart from the food, there’s also the vibrant nightlife and entertainment that’s filled with dance, rock, and Latin music.

You also get to enjoy award-winning plays and musicals all year round. The array of entertainment offers something for everybody.

Main Events Destination

The historical Clematis Street is also the main destination in Florida for organizing special events for all the major holidays. From the 4th of July celebrations to New Year’s Eve festivities, you can expect to have a good time at Florida’s hippest destination.

Another major event is MoonFest, which is celebrated on Clematis Street, and features three stages of live music acts for the 70,000 people that pour into the streets of downtown West Palm Beach each on October 29th each year.