Miami Beach Hotels

If you are a fun loving traveler, then you will enjoy the pool parties and raging nightclubs on Miami Beach. You can dance the entire night away at Fontainebleau or Ocean Avenue as they both have a lively night scene.
Miami is a perfect place to vacation as it receives over three thousand two hundred hours of sunshine and has the mildest winters. While in Miami, you can spend the entire day bare foot on the beach sipping on your favourite drink. If this is not reason enough to visit Miami, below are some additional reasons.
The Beaches
Miami has a variety of beaches and each has its own attractions. Some of the best beaches in Miami include Crandon Park Beach, Golden Beach South Beach and North Shore Park Beach.
Miami is pretty laid back and most of its people are also very easy going. Though the water may get a little cold during the winter season, you can still be able to take a swim. Miami beaches provide the best hang out spots but ensure you keep your sunscreen on as the sun can get a bit too hot.
Water Sports
Apart from sunbathing and swimming, there are other activities that you can take part in. When it comes to water sports, Miami has some of the best facilities. While in Miami, you can go snorkelling, deep sea diving, jet skiing, kayaking or even scuba diving. Be sure to take some lessons from the instructors so as to enjoy these water sports fully.
The Florida Keys
The Florida Keys are a group of coral islands that begin fifteen miles from Miami and go almost all the way into Cuba. You can be able to find a whole island to yourself and spend the entire day there. The keys have a lot on offer, from festivals, museums, outdoor artistry to visual arts and galleries. Some of the best Florida Keys to visit include Islamorada, Key Largo, Key West, Marathon and Lower Key.
Miami has a sizzling hotel scene like no other. With a remarkable list of clubs, notable spas and trendy restaurants, Miami possess some of the best hotels that offer much more than a place to sleep the night away. Miami’s unending warm weather ensures that people are always up for a party. It is always decked out in a celebratory mood. Miami is definitely one of the best destinations that you can go to as it has more than enough to offer and it should definitely be on your to –do-list.