What’s There to Do in Riviera Beach, FL

Riviera Beach (Population 30,000) named after the famous French Riviera; this ‘Riviera of America’ is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The city is famous for its diving sites and is one of the few cities in Florida with a majority African American population and that is one of the reasons why it offers a vibrant culture that’s exemplified in its Jazz and live music nights. Its day time temperatures over around a balmy 70-75 F or so. And generally drop around 10F during the nights.

The City’s beaches are widely touted to be some of the best ones around n the entire county. This makes it an excellent venue for both casual tourist as well as business retreats.   In Fact Riviera Beach city is a destination for young and old, retirees and families from all over the world.   The city wears the label of “gateway to the Caribbean” with pride.

It offers a diverse range of activities both in and out of the water:

Blue Heron Bridge Diving

The Blue Heron Bridge diving spot is widely considered to be one of the very best diving spots in all of North America, not just because of the calm waters and exceptional under water visibility but also because of a vast array of marine life that would be a joy to behold, for both scuba divers as well as casual snorkelers.

It offers excellent conditions, easy accessibility and a vast variety of marine life for both scuba divers as well as snorkelers. The many months of warm tropical water stretch from spring till late fall effectively ensuring that this place is a veritable Mecca for divers.

Live Music

Riviera Beach has a lively music culture. From Jazz Quartets to Tchaikovsky to Mongolian Piano Music! Take a stroll down the main street and you are bound to hear the haunting stains of good music wafting though the breeze. Tickets are usually sold at the entrance gates for around $5 to 10 or so.

Peanut Island Park

This tropical paradise of a park was built nearly a century ago in 1918. And provides an opportunity for many an amateur salt water angler to polish his skills… Or prove his boasts at the Fishing pier that is open 24 hours daily so that anglers can indulge their passion day and night. The site also has both guarded and unguarded beaches so that people of all ages and skill levels could enjoy their swim in a safe environment.

The park also has a camping site available for tourists who want to ‘rough it out’.

The town’s nearly 7 miles of sandy beaches are widely considered some of the best amongst Florida Beaches.  The Riviera Municipal Beach has been newly renovated and now has public bathrooms and many restaurants as well. It’s an ideal place for water sports, such as canoeing and Kayaking, snorkeling and swimming.

If you are planning a fun filled vacation for your office or family than the Riviera Beach would be an excellent place to start.