Enjoying the Charm of America’s Oldest City – St. Augustine

It would be very unfortunate to get a chance to visit Florida and not see America’s oldest city - St. Augustine, FL.

This city is 452 years old and is a panorama of great history and old-world architecture. This city was founded by the Spanish in 1565 and despite being old in infrastructure and buildings, St. Augustine has a lot to offer to its tourists.

Castillo De San Macros

This is an exceptionally beautiful place, encompassing over 335 years of American history. The “fort” is very old as its construction was first started in 1672.  Live cannon firings, as well as ranger tours, are easily seen here.

From this place, you may visit the famous St. George Street which is a pedestrian mall. You’ll absolutely love the old town touch you feel as you walk down the narrow streets of St. Augustine. The residents are very welcoming and you’ll find many small shops tucked in alleyways and side streets. 

Witnessing the Ghostly Side of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is home to many different energy vortexes both good and bad if you believe in that sort of stuff. St. Augustine is also known as a haunted city, being home to a number of haunted sites. There are nightly tours that will surely enlighten you with spooky ghost tales of spirits encountered, ghostly apparitions, murders, legends, and much more.

St. Augustine Beaches

Though it’s one of the oldest cities around, St. Augustine has a number of water-related recreational activities that tourists and residents can enjoy. The beaches are quiet and calm, giving an excellent chance to visitors to relax in the warm Summer breeze of St. Augustine Beach. 

You may either choose to sunbathe or spend your time out in the water surfing or renting a boat from BoatSetter. 

In St. Augustine you can enjoy the Florida Beaches in whatever way you like.

St John’s Pier

Potter’s Wax Museum

There is history associated with every corner of this majestic city. The Potter’s Wax Museum was first built by a resident of St. Augustine named George Potter. He fulfilled his dream in this city in 1949, by building the first wax museum in the United States.This museum is now home to almost 160 wax figures, each of them different from the other. The museum still has its real founder’s creations and is known as a fun tourist attraction in St. Augustine.

It offers entertainment to both kids and adults, giving them a chance to take pictures with the wax statues of their favorite celebrities. You’ll never know who you will bump into.

Red Train Tours

The famous Red Train Tours in this city is the best chance of touring St. Augustine. It’s fully narrated with stop-offs at famous spots including restaurants, shops, hotels, and sightseeing places throughout the city. 

Visiting St. Augustine, no doubt, is the best chance to catch a glimpse of the old world and the beginning of modern civilization in Florida.

Not just this, the city is a tourist-friendly place and provides an excellent opportunity to its guests to make the most of their stay in Florida memorable. So come on down and visit beautiful St. Augustine, Florida!