Staying in Miami’s “Upper East Side”?

Miami modern architecture, also known as MiMo, is depicted from every single building in the Upper East Side.

MiMo Hotels Miami

This is the reason why this city is a centre of attention for many tourists whose interests lie in art and culture.

The hotels in Miami, despite renovation and changes, have never lost their historic charm and classic style. Mentioned here are four popular hotels in Miami, located on the Upper East Side, which is always filled with guests as well as with those who are there to enjoy its sophisticated architecture.

Vagabond Hotel

This is one of the most beautiful
hotels in Miami, offering you comfy bedrooms along with the architecture of both classic and modern style. The hotel also features a dynamic pool where live musical performances are held.

Even if you can’t make it to the famous Miami Beach right away, the pool at Vagabond provides you an excellent opportunity to unravel yourself.

Moreover, the hotel has a fancy restaurant that offers a scrumptious menu to serve your taste buds. Beef tartare, sweet and sour shrimp, and salads are the specialty at the Vagabond Hotel.

Hotel MiMo

This is one of the more casual hotels in Miami, an ideal place for a quick short week away. The hotel rooms are spacious and stylish, with a soft touch to its décor.

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi activities to its guests as well as free parking facilities. The hotel is located in close proximity to various Miami attractions, making it the best-to-live-in hotel for tourists.

The New Yorker Miami

This hotel was once a motel. It was changed by a couple in 2009 into this fantastic architecture, a combination of both old and new artistic touch. It is located in the centre of MiMo district and makes it an excellent chance for the tourists to stay here. The exceptional feature of this hotel is the mixture of old New York’s chic lifestyle with the now trendy Miami. The staff at this hotel is also quite welcoming and friendly.

Midtown Inn – permanently closed

If you’re willing to stay at an inn to experience its essence during your stay at Miami, Midtown Inn is what you’re looking for. The inn features large rooms with spacious showers and stylish comfy furniture. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast to its guests, served by the pool or on the patio. From this spot, you can continue your journey as you’ll see many gas filling stations nearby.  It’s one of Miami’s old hotels but has all modern-day facilities.

These motels in Miami will help you experience the real lifestyle of this city in Florida. This is an exceptional getaway whether you’re alone or with family, welcoming you with its beautiful Florida Beaches, extravagant yet trendy motels along with rocking nightlife and world class restaurants all year round.

So next time you visit Miami, make sure to stay at these exceptional motels and make the most of your stay there.