Florida is Home to Crayfish Lovers

Situated right between two different bodies of water, with the gulf of Mexico on one side and the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean lapping on the other side, the Floridian peninsula has 1350 miles of shoreline, the longest in the entirety of the United States.

The state of Florida is unsurprisingly best known for its heavenly beaches, the best theme parks, and luxurious oceanfront hotels.

However, there is one more thing that people from all over the world, from hardcore fishing enthusiasts to famous seafood connoisseurs to people who just like feasting and having a grand ole time, visit this Southern American state for, and that is year round access to some of the best crayfish breeding grounds in the world.

Florida “Crawfish”

Crayfish, or “crawfish”, as the locals call this tasty little treat (they are also sometimes called crawdads around these parts), are pretty big here. The warm climate and waters of Florida are perfect for these freshwater crustaceans, which look like the smaller, cuter versions of lobsters.

The whole process, from catching the fish, to cleaning and preparing it for consumption, and then the actual eating part, is one big, yummy adventure. Can you think of any other place in the world where one day of every week right through the year is dedicated to this mouthwatering delicacy? Yep, that is right. Thursdays are special crawfish nights at a lot of coastal restaurants and eateries around Florida.

How about grand feasts where the sole purpose is to drink and consume tons upon tons of this scrumptious delight? If reading all that is making you salivate at the mouth with craving, believe me, you do not want to miss a crayfish feast in Florida!

Even if you are not especially fond of seafood, you want to give these tasty little marine creatures a try. Whether you boil them with potatoes, corn and sausages, or grill them whole and dunk them in a garlic butter dip, they are quite good either way. 

Floribbean Cuisine

But the delicious fare does not just end with crawfish, or even seafood for that matter. The choices of cuisine that Florida has to offer are fit for a king. Florida enjoys a rich history full of culture, and that shows in the wide variety of Creole, Cajun, Cuban, Spanish, Italian, South American, and Mexican inspired fusion dishes you will find all over the state.

Aptly labeled “Floribbean cuisine”, the local grubs that this state has to offer, are some of the best in the world, let alone America.

The Cajun style fries are especially delicious and go along with pretty much everything. The Louisiana specialty mufalettas are tantalizing. The barbecues and grits will give your taste buds something to remember for a long time. And an exotic Caribbean drink to top off the night, will complete the experience. This state has everything you can imagine and more!

Florida – a state offering great food with an even greater view. Truly a match made in heaven. What more can one ask for, right?

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