Sweet Pete’s – Jacksonville’s Local Candy Store!

As they say, “No matter now full you are, there will always be more room for dessert.” So, if you are also somebody who is known to have a bit of a sweet tooth, Sweet Pete’s in Jacksonville Florida will prove to be your very own wonderland.

Any tourist, young or old, cannot resist going to this virtual candy palace called “Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop”. Sweet Pete’s is a shop that stands out among all the rest sweet factories and restaurants. It boasts of being the sweetest spot on planet earth.

It was not very long ago, in fact, just back in 2010 when Peter Behringer launched Sweet Pete’s in Jacksonville, Florida. He was very interested in continuing his mother’s line of candies in centuries-old creatively decorated locations. After being featured in the 2014s reality series The Profit that aired on CNBC, Sweet Pete’s relocated in an amazingly historic site, named Seminole Club Building.

It’s now a 22,000 sq ft facility, which welcomes hundreds of individuals, belonging to every gender and age group. All of them treat their taste buds with the ultimate candy experience.

Exploring this Sweet Paradise

Ever since its launch, this stunning candy heaven has turned into a line of candy stores. It manufactures the best quality chocolates, along with the most high-quality candies in the world.

About the décor — there are vibrant colors that hit you, with a bright multicolored chandelier dripping on your heads. This shop’s natural hardwood flooring consists of a pattern just similar to that of a chessboard. There are life-sized paintings hanging on walls of Sweet Pete’s that will make your mouth water.

About the candy pull — more than a hundred varieties of sweets, chocolates, and candies sit atop the shelves and aisles of Sweet Pete’s. At this amazing sweet site, you can easily reserve a spot at the dessert bar and enjoy customized cupcakes with cookies and brownies that are served with old-fashioned milkshakes.

Once you’re finished, you can request a personal tour of the candy world, and get to know more about this beautiful place. As you glide through its corridors, it would be simply impossible for you to ignore their gourmet specials. 

Some of these include their Sea Salt Caramel Corn, Peanut Butter Melt-Aways, and Truffles.

If you are in a hurry, you can just grab the ready-to-go candy packages that include those Butter Melt Aways, yum-yum taffy and multiple chocolate covered nuts. 

Surprisingly, this place also offers masters secret classes and you can also sign up for one of them. Furthermore, for health-conscious individuals, Sweet Pete’s offers gluten-free, dairy-free, all-vegan and even sugar-free delicacies.

Sweet Pete’s is undoubtedly one top-notch sugary destination that simply cannot be missed by anyone who visits Jacksonville, Florida.

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