The State of Beautiful Beaches and Sunshine

Florida is home to some of the worlds best beaches! We explore different parts of Florida to capture the essence of what makes our beaches just so beautiful.

Surrounded on three sides by water and comprising of dozens of tiny islands, if there is one thing Florida has no shortage of, it’s exotic beaches.

Whether you are the daredevil kind and crave jumping into the water on your surfboard to meet and ride those massive Atlantic waves, or just like relaxing along the beachside, digging your toes into the soft white sand as the waves crash near your feet, Florida Beaches has it all and more.

Make sure to at least check out one of these stops on your next vacation or staycation in the Sunshine State.

Here’s a taste of the best and most beautiful beaches in Florida:

Sanibel Island

One of the ten most popular islands of Florida, other than the scorching hot sand, the beaches here are famous for one thing: seashells. In fact, the island has one of the most abundant collections of seashells in the world in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There’s even an entire museum here dedicated to them.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Clearwater Beach

Usually, things named as such have nothing to do with their literal meaning. However, in this case, it does live up to its name. This Florida beach has gotten its reputation from its clear blue waters and pearly white sands, lined with palm trees. It’s the perfect setting for taking a stroll with the love of your life, and maybe getting down on one knee to pop the big question. 

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Delray Beach

There is a reason why this charming village by the city in Palm Beach County continues to attract more and more tourists each year. If you are looking for a retreat, this is your place to go to. With its countless spas, luxury hotels, five star restaurants, art galleries and boutiques, it’s the perfect place to escape from your monotonous life for a while. 

Delray Beach, Florida

Siesta Key

The Siesta Key comprises of miles upon miles of sandy white beaches overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. There are tons of water activities to take part in, from simple snorkeling and kayaking, to the more extreme fly boarding and kite surfing. And don’t worry if you have never tried any of these before. Both equipment and lessons are available.

Siesta Key, Florida

Key West

Often hailed as the paradise of Florida, it is “the” beach among beaches. Key West is the textbook definition of an exotic beach. Rent a bike and off you go. There are thousands of spots to explore along the beach alone. Just don’t blame us if the beauty of the place constantly takes your breath away.

Key West, Florida

Miami Beach

Miami Beach aka “South Beach” is perhaps the liveliest beach in all of Florida. It’s the state’s 24/7 nightlife capital. So if you are big on partying and dancing the night away; Miami Beach is where you can party like a rock star.

Miami Beach, Florida

Beaches are one of the best things the state of Florida has to offer, and if you haven’t been to any of the above places, you haven’t seen Florida at all, which is a problem that needs to be remedied this instant.

So get up and experience some of the best beaches that America, and perhaps the world, has to offer.

And while you are there, don’t forget to get some souvenirs to take back home to your loved ones. Follow our blog for more info about the beaches of Florida. Tell us about your favorite beach you’ve visited in Florida.