The mesmerizing tropical climate of Florida is ideal for fresh vegetable and fruit produces.

Being adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico also makes Florida an idyllic spot for catching exotic seafood. 

So it does not come as a surprise that Florida gets to be the host to some of the most enthralling food festivals and fiestas in the world. Here are some of the best fun food festivals and fiestas in Florida:

Strawberry Festival

The Florida Strawberry Festival has been organized in the Plant City since 1929 in order to appreciate the local crops of strawberry in the region. The 10-day long festival gathers a crowd of half a million strawberry lovers. There are musical concerts arranged and parades held. There is also a beauty pageant that crowns a “Strawberry Queen”. So, if you would like to know the numerous different ways in which you can enjoy strawberries, you should look forward to the festival.

Florida Seafood Festival

This is one of the oldest seafood festivals and has been taking place annually for the last 50 years. It is a 2-day event that takes place at the edge of the Apalachicola River in autumn. There are several carnivals, parades, marathons, fishing, blue crab races, concerts that will keep you bedazzled and entertained. So if you are deciding the vacation spots for November, you know where to head to!

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Undoubtedly, the Miami South Beach Wine and Food Festival is the most treasured and popular food festival in the State of Florida. You will witness that far as your vision extends, celebrity chefs and connoisseurs of food occupy the space. There are tasting tents set up along the shores of Miami. Do you want to taste the best wines that the purveyors offer? You must eagerly await December to be a part of this gastronomic festival that is sponsored by Food Network.

Stone Crab Festival

Held at the Paradise Coast of Florida, the Stone Crab Festival in October, the stone crab festival is a free event that treats the patrons to the first stone crab catches.  The festival also offers the visitors picturesque cruises at discounted rates. Scrumptious foods, refreshing beverages, and music will make you fall in love with Floridian beaches. After all what more can you expect from the Tin City which is the second-largest fishery in Florida?

Fiesta of Five Flags

It is a heritage festival of Florida that takes place at the Pensacola Bay Area. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the formation of Pensacola in 1559.

The reason why it is called Fiesta of Five Flags is that five flags — American, French, Spanish, British, and Confederate, Have flown over the city that was the earliest European settlement in the USA.

To someone who loves history, wants to explore the beaches of Florida, and enjoy delicious food or play soccer, the Fiesta of Five is not to be missed at all.